Creating & Connecting in Quarantine

Together we've raised $4,580 from 101 donors! 

Theatre & Dance Is Committed to Sharing Joy

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many theaters around the world began to wonder what would happen to theatre. At the Department of Theatre & Dance at UTEP, we decided we would do everything in our power to continue creating opportunities for our students and learn to adapt as necessary to the world around us. During a time when we are unable to invite you to our spaces, we want to bring theatre to you. Times like this encourage artists to think differently and innovate or even look to history in order to move forward. Theatre has survived worse during times of plague and war as it has proven to be resilient time and again. When we has humans come together, anything is possible. 

If not for the need to quarantine and social distance, our theatre doors would welcome upwards of 10,000 patrons per school year and generate over $80,000 in ticket sales which allows us to provide scholarships and professional quality experiences to all who enter our doors. This year, though we are unable to have patrons come to the theatre, we are excited to bring free theatre and digital content to all. With content both on air and online, we will reach an audience that we would otherwise be unable to, bringing more awareness to our community. 

Your contributions allow the Department to continue developing the innovative content you have listened to or watched. The UTEP Department of Theatre & Dance shines in light of the ongoing pandemic and strives to innovate in order to bring theatre to you and connect when we are unable to welcome you into our physical spaces.

With your support, we can:

  • Award more student scholarships
  • Pay for rights to produce more content
  • Acquire and maintain the necessary technical equipment to make digital content
  • Hire directors, designers and choreographers from around the world 
  • Bring professionals to UTEP via Zoom for student and community workshops
  • Create new and exciting connections for our students and patrons alike
  • And so much more

Thank you for being a patron of the arts, we look forward to bringing you more and seeing you in our audience in the future.