Roundball Club

The Roundball Club provides UTEP Men's Basketball enthusiasts with the opportunity to invest in the program directly. All funds raised through the Roundball Club are used to compliment the annual operating budget for UTEP Men's Basketball.

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The Roundball Club provides the opportunity for UTEP fans and donors to directly support the program. Money contributed to the Roundball Club is used to compliment the annual operating budget for the team, providing the coaching staff and team with the necessary resources to compete for championships while helping create a premier student-athlete experience. All funds are managed and dispersed according to university and NCAA policies. Below are a few examples of how UTEP Ace Club donations are used:  

  • Training Table Meals and Nutrition 
  • Summer School
  • Equipment and Training Resources
  • Recruiting Expenses
  • Leadership Development and Team Building Programs


“The Roundball Club has been the backbone of success for many years of Miner Basketball. We appreciate your continued support in a long-standing tradition! Go Miners!.

UTEP Men's Basketball Head Coach


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