Department of Earth, Environmental and Resource Sciences

Thank you for your support! So far we have raised $200 from 2 gifts to support Department of Earth, Environmental and Resource Sciences initiatives, programs, and students.

Support one of our DEERS funds!

UTEP Field Geology Experience Fund Endowment: This endowment enables students to participate in field geology activities and utilize the latest tools for field work. DEERS professors and students work at the forefront of the latest technologies optimizing student's learning during field work. Help us keep our students on the cutting edge with their field research and learning by contributing to this endowment.

Professor Nicholas E. Pingitore Jr. Innovation Award Endowment: To honor the memory of Dr. Pingitore, who passed away in Fall of 2022, after having served as a professor at UTEP for 45 years, this fund was established to provide an award to a master’s degree student (or students) in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Resource Sciences who demonstrates outside-the-box approaches and innovation in their research. Help us keep this spirit alive and expand the number of master’s degree students we can support by giving to this fund.

Geology Research and Development Support Fund: The success of our graduate students is always a high priority for our department. With this fund, support travel to conferences, short courses, tuition, research, or any other activity our graduate students need to be successful in their research and degree progress. Support from this fund is open to any doctoral or master’s degree student within the Department of Earth, Environmental and Resource Sciences.

Earth, Environmental & Resource Sciences Colloquium Fund: Since 1985, the Department of Earth, Environmental and Resource Sciences (formerly Geological Sciences) has hosted a departmental colloquium each spring semester that is organized and executed by a committee of students. Gifts to this fund are used to provide prizes for the best presentations, a celebratory dinner for all participants on Friday evening, and a Saturday field trip. Help us keep this tradition alive by giving to this fund.

Earth, Environmental & Resource Sciences Excellence Gift Fund: Just want to help in any way you can? This fund is used to support any and all needs in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Resource Sciences. Conference travel, field trip supplies for students, emergency scholarships, new computers. Your donation to this gift fund allows the department to have on-demand, unrestricted access to support our students and activities.

Center for Entrepreneurial Geoscience Fund: Led by Dr. Phil Goodell, activities in Entrepreneurial Geosciences foster the development of entrepreneurial leadership and action in mineral and energy exploration designed to equip our students with the skills needed to thrive in the highly competitive careers available in the energy industry. Support student participation in short courses, conference travel, field trips, and other initiatives with your donation to this fund.

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