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UTEP Biodiversity Collections Program Fund: This fund supports the UTEP Biodiversity Collections, established in 1965, a natural history museum serving as a core research facility, housing the most comprehensive assemblage from the local Chihuahuan Desert Biodiversity Hotspot, the largest collection of Central African amphibians and reptiles in the US, and one of the largest ant collections in the world. The UTEP Biodiversity Collections provides a hub of current expertise on the natural world via education, research, and training for the next generation of leaders meeting today’s challenges in climate change and biodiversity conservation. Funds are desperately needed to maintain, catalog, and digitize these valuable specimens from around the world for our students, researchers, and future generations.

Indio Ranch Research Program Fund: The Indio Mountains Research Station is a mega natural laboratory where instructors, students and researchers have a unique opportunity to experience and learn everything about the natural environment found in this region of the Chihuahuan Desert. Located in southeastern Hudspeth County, about 26 miles southwest of Van Horn, Indio Ranch presently contains about 40,000+ acres owned and managed by the University of Texas at El Paso, making it the ideal place for natural science classes, particularly for courses in Geology, Environmental Science, Archeology, Astronomy, and Biology. Funds are continually needed for structural improvements and expansion as well as replacement of key resources like water wells and solar panels.

Ecological Science Gift Fund: To honor the memory of Dr. Dominic ‘Nic’ Lannutti, the Ecological Science Gift Fund was established to support students and their research in the field of Ecology and Environmental Science. Many UTEP students owe much of their success to Nic’s guidance. As the program coordinator for the UTEP - EPCC 'Bridges to the Baccalaureate' and ‘STEMGrow’ programs, Nic mentored many students from minority or challenged backgrounds and helped them to find opportunities at UTEP and beyond.  Help us keep his memory and dedication to students alive by giving to this fund.

Biological Science Program Fund: This fund supports many aspects of the Department of Biological Sciences. Most importantly, this fund provides support to students both undergraduate and graduate to advance their studies and research and to expand their horizons through professional development opportunities like undergraduate research opportunities and conference travel.

COVID Epidemiology Fund: This fund supports students and research that seek to understand the impact of COVID-19 on our community and personally on our health to develop ways to monitor and treat this and future infections that threaten our community.

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